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About me

Ramzi Attia

Multi-instrumentalist, music producer, traveler whose roots reach from Europe all the way to North Africa.

Music in his life is like a beacon for the captain of the ship – in the ocean of emotions, thoughts and experiences, it gives direction.

Ramzi is a big fan of energetic Djembe drums from West Africa and spicy rhythms of Rumba, Cumbia and Salsa from South America.

The music of nations once enslaved, which today brings people a sense of freedom.

His music could be described as the fire of drums, harmonised with emotional soul, with a pinch of mysterious orient, and the depth of shamanic rituals, all wrapped in an electronic halo.

In short, it is a journey where dance is the vehicle.

In addition to his love of music as an art form, Ramzi’s mission is to share the healing power that flows from sounds and the states of consciousness they introduce.

During live performances and workshops, his intention is to invite you to a space of uninhibited expression, full of presence and divine flow.

In short, it is a journey where dance is the vehicle.

On a daily basis, Ramzi composes and records music, conducts drumming circles and music-therapeutic sessions, performs live creating live sets, plays instruments such as Djembe, Darbuka, Congas, Guitar, Indian Flute, Looper, Groovebox.

As a musician and workshop leader, he participated in such festivals and events as:

  • Summer Contrast Festiwal
  • Fest Festiwal
  • Wibracje
  • Dreamersland
  • Ecstatic Dance Festival
  • Refeel (Paryż)
  • RE-GENERATION: Spring Equinox Celebrations (Genewa)
  • Jalikunda Entertainment (Gambia)

…and many more.